Consultation for Therapists

Are you a therapist who is looking for support with EMDR? If so, I am available for consultation. Maybe you took your basic training a while ago and need a refresher. Perhaps you are working towards EMDR certification. You may be looking for just one session to talk about a challenging case, or you might be interested in a series of sessions. I am presently an EMDR Consultant-in-Training, working towards the Approved Consultant status through EMDRIA. I am currently offering a sliding-scale fee for therapists to assist with the high costs of consultation. Once I am an Approved Consultant, my rates will go up. I have been receiving consistent EMDR consultation since I completed EMDR Basic Training in 2016. I attend the EMDRIA conference every year and keep up with current trends in the field. I am currently participating in a consultation group with Joanne Twombly, LICSW, a well-known expert in the field. I have also received EMDR consultation from Susan Brown (LCSW), Dolores Mosquera (Psychologist), Peg Correia (MLADC), Ann Rosoff (Psychologist), and Mara Tesler Stein (Psychologist). I look forward to guiding your practice and helping you feel confident with EMDR. Please reach out for a conversation to start the process.