EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a comprehensive therapy initially designed to help people heal from trauma. People who use EMDR have experienced trauma in many different forms. Some people have had a single-incident of trauma in adulthood, like a car accident or a significant loss of some kind. Others have experienced trauma in childhood, like abuse or violence (whether it happened to them or if they witnessed it happening to someone else). Many things can constitute trauma. People who reach out for EMDR therapy may have memories about the trauma that cause symptoms such as nightmares, a startle response, fear of intimacy, and overall low self esteem.

Christine has learned to use EMDR in her practice not only for trauma, but to decrease anxiety and depression, and even help enhance positive feelings and aspects of personality. For more information on EMDR, please follow this link to the EMDR International Association where you can learn more about the science and theory of this groundbreaking therapy and watch a video explaining the process: https://www.emdria.org/about-emdr-therapy/

Let go of your past with EMDR